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 Post subject: The New Players' Guide [New Players Read This]
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This is a guide for new players. In it, I will attempt to provide appropriate information and links to help a new player get their character started here at Star Wars: Visions (SWV). There are additional topics in the NPG forum which contain useful information -- I link to some of them below.

If you have any questions as a new player, please see this page for a list of people to contact (I'm on there as well). Don't be discouraged if it seems difficult to get started. We've all been there and we're willing to help.

Now then.

SWVisions Specifications and Rules

This links to the rules portal, where links to the various and sundry rules pages are located. Please take the time to peruse these pages. These pages are the framework on which SWV is built and the foundation on which our roleplay is carried out. It would thus be wise to familiarize yourself with these pages and the concepts contained within them -- it will save you time and trouble down the line.

I'd like to pause at the moment, because it is important to note that there are four distinct mediums through which SWV is played:

  • These forums. The forums are where 99% of the roleplaying takes place, as well as the vast majority of OOC action, including elections, troubleshooting, and community dialogue.
  • IRC. IRC is where a small portion of roleplay occurs. In addition, it is where all the players sit around and talk. It is highly encouraged that new players get to know the membership by hopping onto IRC and chatting.
  • The website. The SWV website is where statistics, specifications, and rules are stored, as well as other useful information.
  • The wiki. The wiki is where character bios are posted, character inventories are maintained, and other general information about characters/events/places/items/etc. is stored.

Now then, the first thing to do upon deciding to join SWV is to create a character. When deciding to create a character, there are a few things to consider, and here are a couple of links to help.

For instance, what races are currently playable at SWV? Here's a link: Playable Races.

Next, which faction should your character be in? Here's a link: Faction Descriptions and Contact Information.

Once you have decided on a race to play and faction to join, you should start your character here at SWV by posting your character's biography in the Character Database, located just a couple of forums below "The Galaxy" forum, where all the actual roleplaying occurs. There is a biography format stickied at the top of the forum that gives you a basic idea of what we like to see here at SWV. Be advised that it is the CoM's job to monitor new biographies, and characters with unacceptable biography submissions (i.e. characters claiming to be Sith Lord millionaires with personal fleets of Death Stars) will be contacted by a CoM member and kindly asked to make some revisions.

After you've settled your character's biography on the forums, saunter over to the SWV Wiki and post it there as well. Feel free to use any of the formats from other characters' pages. If you are unfamiliar with Wikis, here's all you have to do:

1. Go to the SWV Wiki.

2. In the upper right-hand corner, click "Log in/create account."

3. Click "create account," and then create your account, entering in your desired username (your character's name), password, and a valid e-mail address.

4. A page will come up saying, "Login successful!" This means you've successfully created the account.

5. Now, in the search box on the left, type your character's full name (i.e. Pitir Strathmore, Karl von Roma, Erik Jamison).

6. You will be directed to a page that says at the top, "There is no page titled '[character name]'. You can create this page. "

7. Click "create this page."

8. A page will come up that says at the top, "Editing [character name]" with a text box beneath it. Copy/Paste your character's biography (that you posted on the forums) into the text box and press "Save Page."

9. Now, PM a member of the CoM and let them know you've posted your bio on the Wiki. They'll come along and put it into a format that will look great.

10. ???

11. Profit!

Now you've got your biography written and taken care of. It's time to sort out your new character's starting inventory!

This page lays out what your character starts with: Player Assets

Small Arms and Crew Serviced Artillery Specifications
Shuttlecraft and Freighters Specifications
Starfighter Specifications

The three pages above all link to the specifications that will help you decide which ships/weapon your character starts with. If you're not quite sure what to get or how to proceed, ask your faction leader, or a member of the CoM for advice. Or you could always just pick whichever one looks cool to you. Your choice. :P

Here's a link with further information on player assets, including how to create an inventory Wiki page: Personal Assets & Inventory Guide


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