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 Post subject: Starship Information and Additional Rules
PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:13 pm 
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For the sake of clarity, I have decided to set out what each field of the starship statistics means, and what purpose each serves.

    Combat Designation: A short description of the purpose of the ship.
    Length: The total length of the vessel in meters.
    Crew: The optimum number of crew required for the vessel to be fully functioning (see below for further details)
    Astromechs: The number of astromech droids required for the vessel to fully function.
    Troops/Passengers: The maximum number of extra passengers (excluding crew) which the vessel can accommodate.
    Consumables: The length of time that the ship can operate without restocking on essential supplies (oxygen, fuel, water, food etc.)
    Sensors:The rating of the sensors aboard the vessel.
    Jammers: On fighters and shuttlecraft, jammers help to reduce the ship's sensor signature to other vessels, space stations and ground facilities. On capital ships, jammers can be used to block the communications and sensors of other vessels, space stations, ground facilities etc.
    Shields: The maximum shield rating of the vessel (measured in SBD).
    Shield Recharge Rate: The rate at which the shields recharge each turn after being depleted (measured in SBD).
    Hull: The maximum hull/armour rating of the vessel (measured in RU). The hull can only be replenished in a repair yard.
    Ionic Capacity: The maximum capacity of the vessel to resist ion attacks. The ionic capacity can only be replenished in a repair yard. When the ionic capacity of a vessel is depleted, some systems may be disabled.
    Maneuver: The rating given to a vessel's manoeuvrability. Space / Atmospheric.
    Sublight: The rating given to a vessel's sublight speed. Space / Atmospheric.
    Hyperdrive: The hyperdrive rating of a vessel (and backup hyperdrive rating, if applicable). May not exceed 0.5.
    Weaponry: The weaponry load-out of a vessel (if applicable).
    Docking and Cargo Space: The maximum space aboard a vessel for shuttles, fighters, vehicles and cargo.
    Fighter Launch Rate: The number of fighters which can be launched from the vessel per turn (if applicable).
    Cost: The total cost to construct the vessel.

Starship Crew
For all systems aboard a starship to be operational, the maximum crew numbers must be met. However, in emergency situations, a skeleton crew may partly control a vessel. A skeleton crew comprises of:
Heavy Capital Ships: Minimum 15% of original crew value.
Medium Capital Ships: Minimum 10% of original crew value.
Light Capital Ships: Minimum 5% of original crew value.
Starfighters, Shuttlecraft and Freighters: One crewmember (applicable to ships that ordinarily require two or more crewmembers... obviously).

When manned by a skeleton crew, only very basic actions may be carried out. Virtually all of a ship's weaponry will be unusable, the ship may not be able to reach full speed, sensor ranges will be minimised, manoeuvrability will be reduced and complex navigational actions will be impossible. In addition, starfighter launch rates will be reduced to one quarter of their original value. Other penalties may also be applied.

Security Personnel
Most capital vessels will employ a number of security personnel to protect key areas of a ship and maintain order, as well as to prevent a mutiny or repel any attempted boarding operations. Dedicate security personnel may comprise up to 5% of the maximum crew value. In addition, passengers may also be used to provide extra security if necessary. This also applies to space stations.

Starfighter and Shuttle Crews
Crews for starfighters and shuttlecraft/freighters may be drawn from the crew of the base vessel, for the sake of simplicity.

Vehicle Crews
Any ground vehicles based aboard the vessel must be crewed by passengers.

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